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5 Must-See Gallery Shows
Scott Indrisek
October 2, 2014
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Amy Feldman at Blackston, through October 26 (29C Ludlow Street)

So pared down as to be calligraphic, Feldman’s huge paintings have something in common with Joyce Pensato’s, though there’s even less recognizable imagery in these happy swirls and blobs. Working exclusively with a shade of grey against a glossy white background, Feldman imagines spontaneous icons, with drips and drabs of paint suggesting a certain haste and speed. “Spirit Merit,” 2014, is a stand-out, and coincidentally the work that has the most figurative suggestions (three huddled figures trudging against a mountain backdrop? A ghostly bat stretching its wobbly wings?). The back room has two series of smaller canvases, an exercise in serial repetition that finds Feldman working out the kinks and nuances of simple compositions.